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Custom Porcelain Ornaments

We (my daughter, Rachel) now offer custom Porcelain ornaments to memorialize those special hunting or trapping trips or any special occasions. We can put an image on the front of the ornament and a special message on the back to commemorate the occasion.

The ornament is printed on both sides. The front is normally for the image and the back is for the message, but you may also put an image in the back as well.

Please click on the sample links below to visit Rachel's Etsy page for ordering details.
Front (Image)

Back (Message)

Hawking Diary Log Generator

You have found the "Hawking Diary Log Sheet" generator (a companion to our Hawking Diary software). This falconry diary sheet generator will allow you to quickly generate "Monthly", "Weekly", or "Daily" sheet for keeping track of your hawk or falcon's daily weights. The sheet layout is on a grid format, which could also serve as a simplified chart, allowing you to simply plot the weights on the sheet for quick indication where your bird's weight is at, as well as jotting down the values for your record keeping.

To generate the sheet(s) you need, simply fill out the fields in the form below then click on the "Generate Diary Sheet..." button and a diary/log sheet should popup in a few moments. The list of falconry BOP species only contains the more commonly used birds. If your bird is not listed, choose "Other" at the bottom of the list to enter anything you wish.

Known issue - Firefox may continue to process/load the page after the sheet has been rendered, which will prevent the printing command to work. If that happens, after the sheet is created, just click on the "Stop" button to stop the loading process. Or try generating these falconry log sheets with Internet Explorer.

Online Hawking Diary Log Sheet Generator


Upper & Lower Weight Limits to Plot


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Hawking Diary
This advanced falconry/hawking weight management software allows falconers to keep track of al..

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